What’s Your Website’s Track Record for Attracting New Clients, Growing Sales and Building Your Business?

If it’s less than great, you’re indirectly helping your competitors grow their businesses instead of yours.

That hurts where it counts - lower sales, less profits and a struggling business. Put an end to that TODAY!

How to Get More Customers and Build a Thriving Business

The online world is where ready-to-buy prospects are looking for solutions to the their problem. If your website is not on page one of the search results, you need help in getting it there.

That’s where we come in.

The Engage Web Media team is ready to help you get more customers by applying expert digital marketing strategies and tactics.

We specialize in creating customized Online Marketing Strategies, Website Design and Development, Local SEO campaigns, Targeted Email Campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our clients appreciate our expertise, honesty, integrity and how our solutions provide the fuel to grow their sales and profits.

We’re here to provide growth minded business owners with customized online marketing solutions. Call us to speak with an expert digital marketer today. It’s the first step to attract your ideal clients and build your business.

Online Marketing Strategy

Profitable online marketing requires so much more than putting up a brochure style website and calling it a day. 

 A comprehensive online marketing strategy maximizes your client acquisition, sales and profit. And that's what you want isn't it? A solid foundation to build your business on.

Local Search

Search engines have dramatically altered how consumers discover, shop and interact with businesses in their neighborhood.

In the-know business owners who have  an integrated local search marketing program often find it to be their best performing promotional method, as well as providing the highest ROI.

 Website Development

Your website’s primary role is to attract and engage your target audience.

There are two ways of looking at a website – the wrong way – a sunk cost and overhead. The right way: a tireless marketing tool that works 24/7 attracting your best prospects and earning a healthy ROI for your business.

Email Marketing

What’s your opinion on email as a marketing tool? 

Done correctly, email campaigns are one of the easiest and fastest methods of building client loyalty and boosting sales, that’s if you have an email list of clients and prospects! It’s never too late to start building your email list. What's stopping you?

 Search Engine Optimization

Websites on page one of the search results, get more than 98% of all visitors. Those visitors are looking for a solution to their problem. Whether it’s research, or ready to buy, you want those incoming inquiries.

Bottom line. SEO could be one of your best investments in growing your sales.

"Being on page one of the search results with a high quality website, really does make a difference. I just wish we would have worked with you sooner.”

Martin Chernofsky

President, Toitures Nord Americaines

"The difference in performance and ROI of our new website developed by Engage Web Media (compared to our previous version) is remarkable. I highly recommend Engage Web Media’s highly skilled and experienced team. You can trust them to provide great service and the best online marketing practices to promote your business online.”

Ann Mackay

Operations Manager,  Montreal West Dentistry

"Engage Web Media has a strong knowledge of marketing strategies, tools and particularly in developing effective websites and creating web traffic. Our website traffic has increased 5 times in the past few months.”

John White

Vice-President & General Manager International Beams

Your Online Marketing Efforts Deserve a Higher ROI

Your business is handicapped if: your website is out-of-date; it's not on page one of the search results; it's not attracting, engaging and converting website visitors into inquiries, email sign ups, phone calls or sales.

We specialize in generating leads and help convert your prospects into clients.

Once You See the Results, You'll Wish You Had Acted Sooner

Attracting your ideal clients and receiving inbound calls shortens your sales cycle, makes business a whole lot easier and more profitable.

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