Superior Website Content Helps Boost Conversion Rates

Great Website Content Helps Generate Web TrafficHaving a new website designed is all well and good, but without solid and engaging website content you are going to find that your web traffic doesn’t hit the levels that you expect and you’ll achieve far fewer conversions that you would like.

Creating great website content is no easy task. You need to consider the needs of your website visitors and how your content can best meet those needs. By following these tips, you can start to create content that boosts site traffic and conversion rates.

Avoid Generic Website Content

Look at what makes your business unique. Instead of focusing on aspects of the industry that have been covered a thousand times already, look at what your business brings to the industry and how you differ from your competition. Generic content leads to high bounce rates, resulting in far fewer conversions, so try to relate your website content to your business, rather than the industry as a whole.


When people think about website content, they often forget to consider images. A compelling image is more likely to catch the eye than a wall of text, no matter how interesting the text actually is. Make use of them to break up your content, in addition to driving web traffic to your site through services such as Google images. Just make sure that you have the right to publish the images you use and that they have alt tags that allow visually impaired users to identify them too.

Article Titles

The title of your article is going to be the very first thing that most users see. If it doesn’t grab a user’s attention, they are likely to move on until they come across a piece of content that does. Make sure to carefully consider your title, ensuring that it tells the user what to expect in addition to encouraging them to click through to read it.


Implementing keywords in your content can be quite difficult as there is a fine line between making effective use of a keyword and spamming it to the point where the content does not read naturally. Still, they are an important aspect of crafting great website content, in addition to having a direct effect on your site’s rankings. Consider the keywords you want to target with the piece carefully, finding phrases that are relevant to the piece in addition to offering a higher possibility of increasing web traffic.


A lot of website owners are under the mistaken assumption that lots of content is always good when it comes to attracting web traffic. However, that is not always the case. If a piece has been stretched out to thousands of words, when it could really have been communicated in far less, you will find that users become less engaged during the course of reading the piece, leading to them leaving the website. Consider the point you are trying to make and craft website content that focuses on the delivery of quality information, instead of sheer quantity.

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