How to Use Google AdWords to Steer Your Organic SEO Marketing Strategy

Many online marketers continue to divide their efforts between Google’s contextual web-based advertising platform AdWords, which promises fast results but, like any form of advertising, costs money, and organic SEO marketing. Search engine marketing focuses on page and content optimization and generally costs less than ongoing Adwords advertising, although it generally takes longer before showing […]

What Is Online Marketing?

A simple answer to “what is online marketing?” would be that online marketing, also known as Internet marketing or search engine marketing, is a set of tools and practices for promoting products, services, and brands on the Internet. Online marketing can be used to promote both physical products available in brick-and-mortar shops and purely digital […]

Online Marketing For Small Businesses
10 Ways to Make It Work For You

In recent years, online marketing for small businesses has grown beyond search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to include a wealth of other strategies, including social media marketing and content marketing. Whether you own a small business or coordinate the marketing efforts of one, here are 10 online marketing strategies that can help you improve […]

The Best Salesman You Can
Hire Is Already On Your Team

There’s a salesman on your team that works 24/7/365 for your business. He doesn’t need to be paid on commission, he doesn’t need health insurance, he doesn’t need a smartphone with an unlimited data plan, nor do you have to pay for his travel expenses. This salesman travels all over the world selling your products […]

How to Generate Blog Topic Ideas
By Answering the Right Questions

Coming up with blog topic ideas and generating engaging content for your business blog can be a pain, especially if you’re committed to providing your audience with fresh content. It becomes even more difficult if you’re a small local business in an industry where exciting things don’t happen too often. Even when there’s a lot […]

How to Improve Your Local Internet Marketing Efforts

Did you know that there are over 4 billion local desktop queries every month in the US alone? Or that over 50% of mobile searches are local? These numbers speak for themselves. Making local Internet marketing a priority is a sure way to generate more traffic and increase conversion rates. Whether you already have a […]

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

It’s remarkable how many business owners who are keen on growing their sales and profits, refuse to believe that search engine optimzation can make a difference in attracting new customers. Not familiar with the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? It’s the practice of improving a website’s search engine ranking by optimizing the content for […]

Why Isn’t My Business Website Ranking?

There are few things more frustrating for a business owner than spending time on their website only to find that a simple Google search shows that it isn’t being ranked by search engines. In the worst case scenario, the business website may not even be showing in the index, no matter how far through the […]

For Effective Lead Generation
Set Up An Online Sales Funnel

Generating leads that are interested in your products and services is the first step to increasing sales and profits. Without ongoing and increasing sales volume, you really don’t have a sustainable business. The question to answer now is: How effective is your online lead generation? Is your website attracting, engaging and converting visitors into prospects […]

Local SEO Checklist — How to Make Sure Your Business Appears In Local Search Results

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase Local SEO, but are not quite sure what it means or if it’s something that will help your business. With 94% of consumers now using search engines (especially Google) to find information on local businesses, optimizing your website to attract and engage those prospects should be one of your main […]