​Email Marketing – The Fastest Way to Connect With Your Prospects and Customers

​​Email marketing done right works.

The key to making email a profitable part of your marketing program is to have all the components working together seamlessly.

Email can be used for:

  • ​Lead generation
  • ​Nurturing prospects
  • ​Introducing offers
  • ​Converting prospects into customers
  • ​Building solid relationships with clients
  • ​​Sales followup and
  • ​​Ultimately maximizing the value of a client.

​From building a list, to creating offers, writing the content, sending the email and analyzing the results requires more than just an ad hoc approach.

There’s a common but wrong belief that email marketing doesn’t work anymore.

If you buy into that belief you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

For example let’s say you have an email list of 150 clients and 850 prospects. You send out 1,000 emails. With an open rate of 20 to 25% (which is an average open rate), your marketing message would be seen by up to 200 to 250 people who have expressed an interest in doing business with you. Present a decent offer and a call to action, and you will get sales.

Then it’s a matter of repeating the process on a regular schedule.

​​We can guarantee that if you have a solid customer base, and ongoing inquiries from prospects, an email marketing program will provide you with increased sales and profits.

Getting Started With an Email Marketing Agency

​​Even a small email list can be effective in generating new sales and profits almost instantly.

As with other online marketing tools, there’s a right way and a wrong way to proceed.

You can do it yourself and find yourself buried in complexity, writer’s block and/or software headaches or you can hire our turn-key email marketing service.

We are available to set-up your email marketing program, including developing an overall strategy; managing the software; writing effective, engaging offers and messages; and analyzing the results.

​​Now It’s Your Move

​​We can guarantee that if you have a solid customer base, and ongoing inquiries from prospects, an email marketing program will provide you with increased sales and profits.

Our turn-key email marketing service works in the background, and requires very little of your time.

Call us at 888-359-5562 to learn more or fill out our Discovery ​Application to provide us with the information we need to understand your challenges and opportunities.

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