The Best Salesman You Can
Hire Is Already On Your Team

Making sales with a websiteThere’s a salesman on your team that works 24/7/365 for your business. He doesn’t need to be paid on commission, he doesn’t need health insurance, he doesn’t need a smartphone with an unlimited data plan, nor do you have to pay for his travel expenses. This salesman travels all over the world selling your products and services, yet he is always within reach. He is none other than your website. He can be very persuasive, he can help people discover your brand, products, and services, he can turn prospects into customers, and he can answer many of the questions your customers have. He can do all that, and more, but only if you treat him right.

Help Your Top Salesman Reach His Potential

How effective this top salesman is at sales and marketing depends of course on how much you are willing to invest in him. Improve theme and design, and he will become the best-dressed and most charming salesman around and make a great first impression on prospects. Make navigation smoother and he will become a more eloquent salesman. Invest in keyword research, search engine optimization, and content marketing, and he will become more focused and more persuasive. The better you educate this top salesman of yours, and the more resources you give him, the better will he be able to show others that what you offer has value, and the more trust he will command, and the more effective his call to action will become.

What Your Top Salesman Can Do For Your Business

Treat your salesman right and he will boost your sales and marketing all round, helping you sell your brand more effectively. When he meets prospects, he will win them over with his charm and ease. He will generate new leads for you, by giving Google, Bing, and other search engines quality content and other resources that prospects look for. He will know when and how to ask prospects for their email address and other personal information, and he will arrange another meeting with them next week when you publish that long-awaited blog post. He will always be available and he will always be in top shape to discuss business with your prospects, or to answer any questions they may have about your brand history, case studies, portfolio, location, contact details, mission, products and services, and pricing. When your customer support team is sleeping, he will know what to say to customers so that they don’t become upset.

Make Your Website Your Number One Salesman

If you want to improve your sales and marketing, consolidate your online presence, and have a stronger impact on your audience, invest time and money into improving your top salesman, your website. Do it wisely by equipping him with an online marketing strategy, a content-rich, user-friendly website, supported by an SEO program and you’ll be amazed at the number of hot prospects that start coming your way.   The website as a salesman concept is not new. It’s a proven concept that works for many businesses. Make the most of it and your business will have much to gain.

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