​​Search Engine Optimization and 
Why It’s Important to Your Online Success

​Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a buzzword in marketing circles.

The problem with buzzwords is they take on a life of their own and take on different meanings for different people. You’ve likely heard of SEO, but may only be vaguely familiar with what it means or what it does.

In a nutshell, an optimized SEO program will help your website compete in the Top 10 results on page 1 of the search results. That’s where your prospects are searching for the products and services you sell. Entice those prospects with an attractive, engaging website and quality content and those prospects will become high-quality leads.

High-quality leads are the lifeblood for every business. Generate more leads, and you’ll attract new clients. New clients mean more sales and ultimately profits. That’s why every business owner that’s serious about building a successful business in today’s competitive market needs to budget for a Search Engine Optimization program.

How many competitors do you have? Even in a small city, it’s not unusual to have dozens of companies all vying for the same clientele.

With up to 95% of consumers now using online search to find a business selling what they want to buy, it’s imperative that your business website rank on page 1 for your targeted keywords.

SEO is a potent solution to prevent your business from becoming obscure.

​​Don’t Make This Mistake

​​Your business is unique.

Your challenges and opportunities are particular to your business. That’s why we customize our online marketing services to your needs. Cookie cutter solutions and tiered monthly packages that so many other marketing firms offer result in less than optimal results.

There’s much more to Search Engine Optimization then finding the lowest price provider.

Because SEO is technical and involves skill sets, techniques and words that most buyers are unfamiliar with, it’s easy to fixate on price without really understanding the services that are being purchased.

Do you have questions about SEO? We would be pleased to answer your questions and discuss examples in plain English. Call us toll-free at 1-888-359-5562. We promise not to bamboozle you with techno-talk.

​Here’s How We Do SEO at Engage Web Media

Our comprehensive search engine optimization service begins with:

1. Research
It’s imperative to understand your competitors online strengths and weaknesses before getting started. A few of the questions that need answers before proceeding include:

  • Where do your competitors rank in the search results?
  • How did they achieve those rankings?
  • ​How aggressive are they in holding their position on page 1?
  • ​How strategic and active are your competitors in using social media?
  • ​What keywords are your prospects using to find the products and services you sell?
  • ​​Where does your website rank and for what keywords?
  • ​​What do you want your website to accomplish? Generate more leads, higher conversion, increase your brand awareness, additional e-commerce sales, other?
  • ​plus many more questions.

2. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
Only after completing the research, can an online marketing strategy be developed.

The online marketing strategy provides the game plan, timeline, resources required and budget to achieve your online marketing goals.

Undertaking an SEO program without first completing the research and an online marketing strategy is akin to building a house without a blueprint. It’s also why buying cookie-cutter SEO solutions is a poor investment. The reason, the services being provided may not be what your website needs

3. Optimize Your Website
To maximize the results of your online marketing program, we begin by looking “under the hood” of your website. What the search engines look at, is different then the what you or your visitors see.

Our comprehensive on-page optimization include:

  • ​Analyze your site traffic statistics and conversion rates to establish a baseline and identify problem areas
  • ​Analyze and optimize your website’s navigation menu, content, and site structure.
  • ​Identify the keywords your ideal prospects are using and integrate them into the website.
  • ​Optimize the website content, page titles, descriptions, and meta tags.
  • ​Check if an XML sitemap is installed and properly indexing the content on your website.
  • ​Optimize photos with the proper Alt tags.
  • ​​​Build internal links to help search engines index content and increase site authority.
  • ​​Content creation. From writing blog posts to creating content and an editorial calendar, Engage Web Media is here to help you.

​4. Build Your Online Presence
As in the offline world, it’s location, location, location that counts in the online world. 

You want your website to rank on page 1 for as many keywords as possible.

It’s where your ideal prospects are searching for what you sell. ​

Since 9​8% of people who search online don’t go past page one of the search results; page 1 is where your website needs to be to attract hot prospects and increase your ROI.

Building your online presence involves what’s known as off page optimization. Tasks include:

  • ​​Building citations. Online citations are any mention of your company name, address, and phone number on websites other than your own. For most businesses, there are 100’s of possible websites. The key to achieving success is to choose the best sites. Adding your information to spammy directories doesn’t work. We know where the best sites are.
  • ​​Social media account and content creation. Social media signals (where your website and or business is mentioned or linked to) are becoming an important factor in how search engines rank websites.
  • ​​Link building. The number and quality of backlinks, linking back to a website, are one of the most important ranking signals search engines look at. Our SEO strategy gets you the quality back links needed to improve your website’s rankings and increase the visibility of your brand.
  • ​​Consumers love online video. Online videos can be a significant factor in attracting, engaging and converting your target audience into paying clients. Engage Web Media staff have the experience and skill set will help produce and get your videos to rank.

​​5. Monthly Reporting
When you hire Engage Web Media to manage your website’s Search Engine Optimization, we provide detailed monthly reports of the progress being made. 

You’ll see which web pages are moving up in the rankings and by how much, as well as what keywords are being used by your prospects to find your website.

The analysis includes the number of visitors, what time of day they visited and how long they stay on your website.

​Plus the monthly reports reveal the number of pages they visit and in what sequence, plus so much more.

The reports are easy to read and understand. If you have questions, we’ll answer them in plain English.

We recommend that that data in the reports be analyzed to track phone inquiries, foot traffic, sales, etc. The data provides you with a solid method to calculate your ROI.

That’s the beauty of a Search Engine Optimization program, the data reveals what works and what doesn’t.

Informed decisions on how to proceed become easier to make, as you’re no longer basing them on a ‘gut feeling’ or hunch.

Why Would You Wait to Get Started?​
With all the advantages of a well designed Search Engine Optimization program, namely increasing the number or hot prospects coming your way, now’s the time to take action. 

There’s no other marketing method that provides the control and long-term return on investment that an SEO program does.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your online marketing opportunities and challenges by selecting your preferred time in our online scheduler. You’ll be glad you did.

"​Being on page one of the search results with a high quality website, really does make a difference. I just wish we would have worked with you sooner.”

​​​Martin Chernofsky

​​​President, Toitures Nord Americaines

​"The difference in performance and ROI of our new website developed by Engage Web Media (compared to our previous version) is remarkable.​ I highly recommend Engage Web Media’s highly skilled and experienced team. You can trust them to provide great service and the best online marketing practices to promote your business online.”

​​​Ann Mackay

​​​Operations Manager,  Montreal West Dentistry

​"Engage Web Media has a strong knowledge of marketing strategies, tools and particularly in developing effective websites and creating web traffic. Our website traffic has increased 5 times in the past few months.”

​​​​John White

​​​Vice-President & General Manager International Beams

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