​STOP! Don’t Make This Mistake Selecting a
 Website Design Company

​​Choosing and ​hiring a website designer requires more than looking at some portfolios or going with with lowest bidder​. 

Are you looking for a web developer to upgrade your current business website? Or are you a startup wanting to present a fresh new image online?

Deciding on a web designer to create your new website is not a decision to be taken lightly. Make the wrong decision and your new website, while it may look pretty, will more often than not:

  • leave visitors indifferent and quickly moving on to a competitor’s site
  • ​never be found on page 1 by prospects looking to buy what you have to sell and,
  • ​never provide you with a return on your investment.

There’s much more to website design and development than making it look pretty and incorporating the latest animations and color combinations.

​We are a Web Design Company That Understands You Require a ROI

​​Every dollar you invest in your business should produce a return on investment. It’s no different for the money you invest in building a website and other online marketing initiatives.

Savvy business owners understand the incredible leverage that online marketing can produce when all the pieces work together. We want you to experience that leverage.

For most business owners, hiring a web developer to build ​or update their website occurs once every 3 to 5 years. Sound familiar?

Unless you’re in the online marketing business, it’s hard to make the best decision when looking at several web design proposals when you’re not quite sure of what you’re buying. As a result decisions are often made based more on price, portfolio samples and maybe personality.

The result, the website may look good and came in on budget, but the website’s performance in helping attract, engage and convert leads leaves a lot to be desired.

How effective is your existing website for the things that really count?

It’s a good idea to find out now, so you have a score (from 1 to 100) and a comparison on which to measure the effectiveness of your new website. You’ll have an answer in less than a minute. To get your website's score follow this link and ​enter your website address ​and click ​Analyse Now button. A new window will open in your browser.

Your 10 to 12 page report will be ready after our software audits your website, in much the same way a search engine would.

Now that you have a score for your existing website, you’re likely surprised that it’s not higher than it is. Now think of how long you were satisfied with your website from a visual perspective, but the online audit reveals weaknesses you were never aware of until now. The feeling is likely similar to finding out an employee repeatedly sleeps on the job, rather than working.

You want to make sure your new website doesn’t have similar weaknesses.

Online marketing is getting more complex and competitive by the month. To succeed you need a strong working relationship with a web development company that knows how to build a website that attracts, engages and converts your prospects and builds stronger relationships with your existing clients.

Yes, there is far more to building a new website than looking at several proposals and picking the lowest price or the web design company with the best looking websites.

​Attract, Engage, Convert. The Hallmark of Great Web Design

​Many business owners have a profound misunderstanding or what a website should do for their business.

Visit any number of SME websites and you’ll see it yourself. The websites are often designed as a digital brochure. There’s a page about the company, additional pages about the products and services and a contact page.

The big problem – the websites are designed to provide information about the company. It’s a passive approach, rather than leveraging the dynamic nature of the web. Missing is the most powerful aspect of online marketing – a marketing funnel and a call to action.

A local business website’s main purpose is to attract, engage and convert prospects.

We at Engage We Media have a background in Direct Response Marketing. Direct Response Marketing is all about measuring ROI. So when we undertake a web design project, we look at the big picture of how it’s going to bring you new business, over and over again. Your website should be generating revenue for your business, not just be a presence online.

​​​Our Turnkey Website Development Saves You Time, Money and Headaches

​There are two ways to build a website. The first is hire a web designer or programmer, and supply them with your company logo, articles on the company, your products and services as well as photos and wait for some design mock ups to arrive.

The result is usually a digital brochure style of website that looks clean and pretty, but doesn’t work in generating, engaging and converting leads.

Than there’s our way.

Our web development services include everything that’s needed to get your new website up and running.
We start by having an in-depth conversation with you, so that we understand your objectives, your business model, your prospects, your sales cycle, and the market you serve.

Before we begin we’ll research your online competitors for the strengths and weaknesses in their online presence. After all you do want to beat them online don’t you?

There’s a whole lot more that we research and check before we even start thinking about design possibilities. Only after we have a solid online marketing ​strategy in place – knowing what the website is expected to do and how, will our web designers begin work.

We’ll recommend the type and style of content that should be used and the reasons for our recommendations. We have content strategists, copywriters who know marketing inside and out, designers and programmers, so there’s no need for you to stare at a blank screen wondering what to write for your website. You get to review the content and design at each step. There are no surprises.

The result – your new website not only looks fantastic, but it’s built on a solid marketing foundation. Your website will be the cornerstone on which to build out your online marketing initiatives and grow your business.

​​Your Website is Only One Part of the Online Marketing Funnel

​​​Getting back to the idea of your website being the cornerstone of your online marketing initiatives.

Compared to traditional marketing tools, there is incredible leverage and flexibility in using the online marketing tools that are available. Even if you know little or nothing about Social Media, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Video or Search Engine Optimization it’s worth your time and effort to at least ​consdier the possibilities.

​Once we know more about your business, we would be pleased to discuss the many opportunities available. We promise to talk plain ​English, answer all your questions, and be a pleasure to do business with.

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"​Being on page one of the search results with a high quality website, really does make a difference. I just wish we would have worked with you sooner.”

​​​Martin Chernofsky

​​​President, Toitures Nord Americaines

​"The difference in performance and ROI of our new website developed by Engage Web Media (compared to our previous version) is remarkable.​ I highly recommend Engage Web Media’s highly skilled and experienced team. You can trust them to provide great service and the best online marketing practices to promote your business online.”

​​​Ann Mackay

​​​Operations Manager,  Montreal West Dentistry

​"Engage Web Media has a strong knowledge of marketing strategies, tools and particularly in developing effective websites and creating web traffic. Our website traffic has increased 5 times in the past few months.”

​​​​John White

​​​Vice-President & General Manager International Beams

What’s Your Website’s Track Record for Attracting New Clients, Growing Sales and Building Your Business?

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